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Firebird Feature: Captain AmeriDad

As I started to spend more time taking photos of cosplayers, the first person I really had a chance to chat with was Daniel Calhoun, aka Captain AmeriDad. As it turned out,I couldn’t have had a better introduction into the Dallas cosplay community. He is one of the kindest people I have ever met, and always has a hug available for anyone who so desires.

What initially got you interested in cosplay?
I’ve always been a scifi and fantasy fan. When I moved down here from Michigan I started going to Scarborough Faire. After 10 years I hit my first con and just enjoyed it so much. It gives me an escape and a way to make people happy.

What was your first convention cosplay experience like?
I remember sitting in the car for 20 minutes contemplating going in. This was when there weren’t as many people cosplaying so I was so self conscious. I sucked it up, my son and I went in and never looked back. I did the black and yellow costume of Wolverine and he was War Machine.

What aspect of cosplay do you most enjoy?
The feeling of being a part of a family and the smiles it gives kids when they see you.

What have been the biggest challenges you have faced as a cosplayer?
For me it was dealing with slurs and criticism for being overweight. Not from the community, they fully support me, but from others.

What has been your favorite encounter with another fan while cosplaying?
From another fan? It had to be when someone fanboyed over me and not my character I was dressed as.

What are your favorite characters to cosplay and why?
Well obviously Cap for one because he is a part of me. Hodor as well because he is a huge fan favorite, plus meeting the actor was amazing! Finally, I love the Road Warriors/Legion of Doom my son and I do. They have always been heroes of mine.

What character(s) have you never cosplayed, but would like to do so in the future?
I really would love to cosplay the wrestler Big Van Vader. Eventually cosplaying a character from The Wheel of Time and also from my own books.

Where can you be found online?

Click here for more photos of Captain AmeriDad!

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